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There's no such thing as happy customers without happy employees

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Elia Mihuta
There's no such thing as happy customers without happy employees
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There is an old saying claiming that "the customer is always right," and truth be told, no one can contradict it. Because we cannot talk about any kind of business without people buying their products or services.

As a matter of fact, if we were to compare organizations worldwide with cars, we could easily state the following: happy customers are the engine. That’s right. The customers are the ones that buy the company’s products and generate movement, which in our case translates into progress. But can a vehicle move just like that? No. It needs some kind of power source, and employees are exactly that. Why? Well, because they are the ones that give organizations the power to go forward or, of course, backward. 

Simply put, the customers' satisfaction rate is directly connected with the employees' journey. 

In fact, studies show that all it needs is one bad experience for a brand to lose 17% of their loyal customers, while strike two will raise this number to 59%. Yes, more than half of the people who love a company or a product are always ready to move their focus to the competition. And all it takes is for one employee not to do their job right. So, it is safe to say that supporting the best client-employee interactions and personalized experiences should be today's strategy. And that is regardless of the business type.

The good news is that building such an organizational culture is not hard. Actually, the big secret behind a superior customer experience is to have an excellent employee strategy. And that only requires changing how companies invest in their teams' happiness at work. Why? Because just as researchers from Harvard demonstrated, happiness is contagious. Thus, the happiness of your employees will easily spread among the customers they get in touch with.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

–Richard Branson

This being said, we want to offer a few tips to the organizations' leaders out there:

  • Don't wait for things to deteriorate before you take action.
  • Don't wait to lose clients to start asking your team members how they feel.
  • Don't wait for your profits to drop to question yourself what you are doing wrong.
  • Instead of waiting for random signs, be the driver.

Finally, we only have one piece of advice to give to you, the person in charge of your business. The sooner you realize that your employees and customers are not separate entities but two puzzle pieces that need to perfectly match and create a bigger picture, the sooner you'll reach the company's full potential success.

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