Measure happiness = Increase retention and engagement

The mood of your team is your key to success. Happier teams perform better, do better work and are less likely to leave. Meet Hapkey, a quick & easy tool to measure the mood of your team, and help make it happier.
Hapkey is trusted by teams from: Frank Digital, Ombori, Credo Capital, Wine Toursim, Varden, Centersource
Happiness Key Statistics
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Hapkey mockup showing the message that a team members is getting
Step 1

You receive a text

Your team gets a text message with a link to a survey.

Step 2

They take the survey

Just answer 3 simple questions:
1. How happy are you with your organization?
2. How happy are you with your role?
3. How can we make you happier?

Hapkey mockup showing the survey app
Mockup showing Hapkey's dashboard in a browser, and the weekly report in an email client.
Step 3

Check your dashboard

You can immediately see the mood in your team, and where you need to focus your efforts.

If it makes you happy, can you really call it work?

Happiness is the key to success – on or off the job.

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Icon representing that Hapkey increases performance

Hapkey increases performance

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Hapkey advances careers

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Hapkey sparks innovation

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Hapkey increases customer satisfaction

Why you should use Hapkey

University of Oxford:
Happy employees are 13% more productive

University of California:
Happiness promotes career success

Stanford University:
Happiness is linked to higher quality, innovation, and efficiency

Harvard Business Review:
Happy customers are connected to happier employees

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In a consultant company, it's hard to keep track of everybody’s feelings towards the culture and their roles when they are out working with clients. Hapkey ensures that I don’t miss a team member's thoughts and concerns so I can act on them before they become a problem.

Profile photo of Alexander Lindqvist
Alexander Lindqvist
Frank Digital

We have been using Hapkey since February 2020. We are thrilled about our overall happiness score. It’s about 85% and employees are actively sharing how to improve our workplace.

Hapkey has really become key in how we continuously improve Ombori.

Profile photo of Marija Tregubova
Marija Tregubova

After a trial period, we now use Hapkey as our go-to tool in measuring the mood of our organization. Hapkey has been very valuable to us since we are an international company and generally use digital meetings.

During the last six months alone, we have been able to “save” multiple team members, thanks to Hapkey. These colleagues would have otherwise left us.

Staffan Gustavsson - Varden
Staffan Gustavsson

I really like Hapkey because it has a simple interface, is to-the-point (are you happy at your job?) and most importantly is very quick to complete. This means that virtually the whole company fills out the survey on a recurring weekly basis, making for reliable and insightful trend analysis. It gives me a concrete view of how everyone is feeling and provides relevant discussion points ahead of performance reviews.

Niklas Ridoff
Niklas Ridoff
Wine Tourism

Awesome product - very powerful given its ingenious simplicity.

Carlos-Adrian Lopez
Carlos-Adrian Lopez
Credo Capital

Hapkey helped us get some stability back into our company and our employees after a bumpy couple of months. The week analysis has made us act on issues we didn't realize were a problem and made our company a happier place!

Patrik Viklander
Patrik Viklander
Objective Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us

Is Hapkey a tool for my business?
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Hapkey works for any type of organization — whether you’re an agency, startup or a large multinational corporation.

How are the surveys conducted?
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The survey is sent out once per week via text message. The text message contains a link to the survey. When you sign up to Hapkey, you will be able to select a specific day and time that suits your organization.

Are the surveys anonymous?
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No. When we’ve used the Happiness Metric in the past, we’ve discovered that it’s most powerful when you know who has rated what. The key strength of Hapkey is the ability to gather insights on who’s happy and, most importantly, who’s not. Hapkey will empower you to proactively act to retain talents.

Can I try it out first?
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Yes. We offer a 14-day free trial, which gives you the opportunity to send out two surveys as a test.

How does the 90-day Happiness Guarantee work?
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We want happy customers. If you're not happy, you will get your money back. It's that simple. If you don't feel that Hapkey has provided value within 90 days, you will receive a refund of all charges that have been accrued during that period. We will also close your account.

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