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Interview with Marija Tregubova, HR Lead at Ombori

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Marcus Castenfors
Interview with Marija Tregubova, HR Lead at Ombori
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Hi Marija, thank you for chatting with me today. Could you please tell us a bit about your background, role and where you work?

Thanks for inviting me. My background has been within recruitment, both on the agency and corporate side for local and international organizations. During my career, I have also worked with marketing, employer branding, training and also people management. Currently, I’m living in Stockholm, Sweden, working as the HR lead at Ombori, a development company focusing on digital experiences in physical spaces. It’s a dynamic role. It encompasses both strategic and operative topics.

So you’ve been using Hapkey for more than six months, what value has Hapkey brought to your organization?

At the start of using Hapkey, we were still working at the office and seeing each other on a daily basis. However, half of the team was working remotely since we have team members in other locations and time zones. In March things changed, as everyone started working remotely. 

Since then, thanks to Hapkey, we now have insights and a better sense of how the entire company is feeling. We can see clear data on how for instance company decisions, news or challenges are affecting individuals and the company as a whole. By using Hapkey, we have been acting quickly on data to support individuals. The response rate has increased over time and I believe that’s because employees are understanding the value of using Hapkey and that their voices are heard. The feedback from employees has been positive. It’s really easy to use. Managers are also appreciative of the reports that they receive and that they really know what’s going on with their teams. Hapkey gives them valuable insights to act on.

Could you tell a story of how your happiness data has influenced your organization?

There are quite a few examples of how our happiness data has influenced us. 

Through the surveys, we found a specific topic that was marked as really important to employees. This influenced us within the management team to define clear actions and a timeline to address the topic and formulate how we should communicate what we intended to do.

Another example, we had a project with tight deadlines, which visibly caused unhappiness amongst team members. With that knowledge, we supported the team and organized, for instance, socializing activities to increase the spirit. 

We have also seen examples of how certain individuals have had lower scores but through one-on-one:s, coaching, and other aspects, we were able to see an increase in their happiness.

What problems do you think Hapkey solves?

Hapkey visualizes how a team feels at the moment. It’s really clear when you need to pay attention. By using Hapkey, you can more proactively act on problems. Otherwise, they might surface later and can cause people to resign. So it’s not only about “engagement” but also about “retention”. 

Hapkey also gives managers input on how to ask the right questions when they talk to their peers. Hapkey data can influence how one-on-one:s are structured, or, the frequency of the meetings. A clear example: if an individual is trending down, the manager will have insight on how to support that person. 

In essence, Hapkey gives you the opportunity to proactively act, to influence decision making and to see the whole picture of how an organization is feeling, at the moment.

What features do you really appreciate?

The feature I use the most is the dashboard. I really appreciate the functionality that I can check person-by-person regarding how they are feeling and their happiness history. I use everything in the dashboard.

What's the main reason you recommend our product or service?

It’s very easy to use, not only for team members but also for the person who analyzes the data. The way the data is visualized is user friendly.

What would you tell someone who's considering using Hapkey?

It’s a great tool, not only in remote times, but always. Hapkey gives you real tangible data and real insights about how your people are feeling. Hapkey can empower you to act proactively, think quicker and to ensure that your people are happy and engaged. It will empower you to retain the talents that you have.

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Schedule a 15-minute free coaching conversation on how you can further improve your team.
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