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5 ways you can increase your employees’ happiness

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Marcus Castenfors
5 ways you can increase your employees’ happiness

😁 Talk about happiness

Just talking about happiness within your team will be a great leap forward. Have an informal chat to discuss topics such as “What is happiness in the workplace?”

👏 Show appreciation

Try to appreciate a colleague at least once a week.

😥 Focus on unhappiness factors

Find out what is causing unhappiness. Use post-it notes to brainstorm or just discuss over a cup of coffee. Create a list of unhappiness factors and focus on fixing them.

👋 Connect to other teams

Typically teams are quite secluded and lack connections to other teams. Have lunch with a new team every week.

💡 Understand the “why”

Invite senior leaders to your team to hear about company strategy, vision and goals. Allow ample time for questions. Understanding your part of the bigger picture will create more meaning at work.

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